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Best Western Museumhotels Delft Rất tốt 8 The room was comfortable and very clean. The staff were friendly, the breakfast was adequate, but not the best we have had in a Dutch hotel. The congealed scrambled egg and scraps of bacon fat were not appetising. The position of the hotel was in easy walking distance to the centre.
Hotel Johannes Vermeer Delft Rất tốt 8,1 Everything was excellent. Very romantic room number 30.
Hotel de Plataan Delft Centrum Rất tốt 8,3 Epic bathtime! I stayed in the sea-themed room, which has sun-shower and jacuzzi. Very friendly staff and plenty of delicious beers. Parking on site was simple and seemed secure.
Hotel Coen Delft Tốt 7,5 Staff were very friendly and it is RIGHT next to the train station, cant miss it. I really enjoyed Delft and would like to go back again :) Plus you can get everywhere on the trains or trams, and they have a famous university so maybe I should go back and study more.
Bridges House Hotel Delft Tuyệt vời 8,9 Excellent accomodation: friendly and helpful staff, spacious and clean rooms, internet connection (both Wi-Fi and on a computer available to customers), delicious breakfast and wonderful location
Hotel de Koophandel Tuyệt vời 8,7 Everyone there was friendly and helpful. It was excellent in every way. Perfect lcation. Great breakfast options.
Hotel Juliana Tốt 7,8 Comfortable, friendly and helpful staff, convenient location.
WestCord Hotel Delft Rất tốt 8,3 friendly staff, spacious rooms, lounge, location
Hampshire Hotel - Delft Centre Rất tốt 8,5 Nice rooms, good views, nice bathrooms and friendly staff
Hotel de Emauspoort Tuyệt hảo 9 We did like every little thing there. We spent a fantastic night in the gypsy house in the inner yard of the hotel. It was really cute! The hotel is in the very center of the town, but you can here nothing from outside but the bell of the main castle. The hotel is very cosy and full of love and care. Home style breakfast was delicious. We will be glad to come back.

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