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It may be classed as one country, but Cape Verde is essentially a land of ten destinations. Rugged mountain highlands, rich fertile valleys, golden sands and azure coastlines – each island of this West African archipelago has its own brilliant landscape, shaped by the elements over time. If you’re feeling adventurous, explore the volcanic landscapes of Fogo and Santo Antão – the former being home to Cape Verde’s highest volcano, the latter an enticing land of canyons, gorges and green valleys. If you’d rather just relax, go swimming in the turquoise-blue bays of Sal and Boa Vista. For something more curious, learn about Cape Verde’s past in Praia, the nation’s capital on the island of Santiago. The Monumento de Diogo Gomes (a statue of the Portuguese explorer who discovered the islands) and the 19th-century Presidential Palace recollect this bygone era. Cape Verde’s culture revolves around music, and you’re unlikely to walk down a street at night without hearing the scattered rhythm of ‘morna’ music. This is especially true in Mindelo, the islands’ nominated cultural capital, found on Saõ Vicente. Travellers are well catered for when it comes to accommodation, with a range of luxury villas, resorts and friendly guest houses to choose from.

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