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In Seville, the sunshine isn't the only constant: the city bursts with vibrant colors year-round. Ripe oranges dangle from green trees, golden sandstone buildings are decorated in blue and white tiles, and glasses of red wine are served alongside creamy slices of Manchego cheese.

This historic Spanish city is best explored on foot. Enjoy the laid-back vibes while lounging on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, or walk along the footpaths of María Luisa Park down to the Plaza de España. Located at the edge of the park, this beautiful square features a variety of architectural styles and four bridges that represent each of Spain’s ancient kingdoms. You can even rent a row boat to leisurely float down the moat running beneath them.

The Andalusian capital is also home to Spain’s largest cathedral. Right behind its striking Gothic exterior is the tomb of Christopher Columbus. The neighboring Alcázar of Seville is an iconic example of Mudéjar architecture, with its intricate mosaic-tiled interior, lush gardens, and beautiful fountains.

Seville has a vibrant nightlife, from its bustling tapas bars to nightly performances at the Flamenco Museum – a gorgeous 18th-century building built on the foundations of an old Roman temple.


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Most popular time to visit October-December
Cheapest time to visit January-March
Local currency € 10 = $9.80
Language Spanish
Average weekend price $81 per night
Average weekday price $81 per night
Average stay 2 nights

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11 foods to savour in the Sevillan sunshine

With a Mediterranean location, you can expect fresh local fish and tapas favourites.

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Destination inspiration: Seville, Spain

A city of Moorish architecture, fiery flamenco and Andalusian delicacies.

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The city is flat.

September 30, 2022

The city is flat. Really enjoyed the Alcazar. Wished we would’ve had time to see Cathedral Seville. Seville is a great city. We also have enjoyed the food more than in Portugal which has a lot of seafood.Seville is quite easy to get around especially since our location was very good and we walked pretty much every where. It is so easy to enjoy this city.


The Old Town in Seville is great for pedestrians to wander...

September 30, 2022

The Old Town in Seville is great for pedestrians to wander around with lots of narrow streets and interesting buildings and lovely parks. Main sights attract tourist groups but the old town still has a homely feel. Lots of restaurants and bakeries. The Italica Roman ruins in the outer suburbs are very impressive with a huge ampitheatre. Also many mosaics in remains of old houses. Under £2 each way on regular local bus 170 from Plaza de Armas plus a small admission charge to site (circa £1.50) Expensive coach tours also go there.

David United Kingdom

we loved Sevilla as it's so handy to access everything...

September 28, 2022

we loved Sevilla as it's so handy to access everything that you need and lots of sites are close enough to visit on foot the one pet hate for me is the traffic lights they seem to take an age to change and there are so so so many lol also parking can be a nightmare so if your planning a visit get car parking sorted it would also help if the hotel/hostel that your staying in could send you a whats app location pin

cavin Spain

Seville is a must see city, if you like glorious...

September 28, 2022

Seville is a must see city, if you like glorious architecture and traditional Spanish buildings you will love it. There are too many places to name there’s a photograph to be taken everywhere you turn, magnificent buildings and parks, what we liked the most was the location of our property everything is within a 10-15 minutes walk so no need to use transport, although we did use the tram to get to the station and then the bus to the airport very easy to use. We ate out in the evening large selection of restaurants, you can’t miss the hustle and bustle of people socialising over there evening meal. We loved every minute of our stay would highly recommend, and can’t wait to return.

Carmel United Kingdom

Brilliant weather - very busy in some parts as you’d expect!

September 26, 2022

Brilliant weather - very busy in some parts as you’d expect! Sometimes Uber took a while to arrive, and diverted all over the place before coming to us! Good was great but just too much to choose from and was quite expensive - but worth it! Hotel next to the massive water park was amazing best part of the trip!

Rhys United Kingdom

The architecture is amazing.

September 25, 2022

The architecture is amazing. In every corner, you will have a beautiful building, full of amazing details. I loved Seville, from the main attractions to just walking around and seeing the dynamics of the Andalusians lifestyle.

ananeto23 Netherlands

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