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Colonia Highlights

Colonia's historic centre
Enjoy a relaxing stroll around this picturesque colonial town with cobbled streets, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Calle de los Suspiros
Visit Colonia's famous 'alley of whispers' and get the story behind the name straight from a local.
Puerto Viejo yacht harbour
Puerto Viejo is Colonia’s yacht harbour; book a scenic sailing trip and enjoy the beautiful view on San Gabriel Island at sunset.
Colonia's lighthouse
Colonia’s lighthouse is the perfect spot for amazing views of the city’s quaint little streets and the mighty Rio de la Plata.
Teatro Bastión del Carmen
A window into the contemporary pulse of the city, this theatre regularly hosts live shows and exhibits of local artists.
Iglesia Matriz
Originally built in 1860, Uruguay's oldest church was mentioned by Charles Darwin in his journals during his travels through South America.
Museo Portugués
A history buff's paradise, this 18th-century building illustrates the city's Portuguese past with maps, porcelains and furniture replicas.
San Francisco Convent
Visit the ruins of the 17th-century Convent of San Francisco, with its massive stone walls and irregular design.
Museo Indígena
Do not leave Colonia without getting to know a bit about the Charrúas, native inhabitants of the Uruguayan territory.
Museo Paleontológico
Check out the excavated remains of the very first inhabitants of the area and get acquainted with the fauna of the region.