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The City That Has It All

Historically known as Canton and China’s third largest city, Guangzhou is the birthplace of the most popular types of Chinese cuisine such as iconic wonton soup and dim-sum. It has an impressive skyline, some of the oldest temples in the country and busy markets with everything from tea to hi-tech electronics.

The busy city center mesmerises with its futuristic architecture and beautifully lit skyscrapers but just a short trip away is the quiet haven of Nansha Wetland, a bird sanctuary. After a visit here that rejuvenates with new energy, you can then admire the traditional Cantonese architecture of Xiguan Residence, once occupied by the ruling class.

One of the city’s most popular attractions, the Liurong Temple is an absolute must-see, dating back to the 6th century and featuring a 17-story high pagoda. Make sure you don’t miss the traditional buildings near Yide Road as they are slowly being removed from the map due to the city’s rapid growth.

From a 1000-year-old lake garden, to plenty of theme parks, relaxing rolling hills and mountains, Guangzhou seems to have it all! Add impressive street markets and shopping centers and you are in for a fascinating ride.

Guangzhou Airport is a convenient metro or taxi ride away and provides over 390 different accommodations options for you to choose from.