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There is currently an increased risk to customers’ safety in this location. To make an informed decision about your stay, review travel guidelines for this area provided by your government. Reservations should be made using the platform only where you intend to visit and stay at the property. From Mar 1, 2022, your chosen cancellation policy will apply. We recommend booking a free cancellation option in case your travel plans change. To make a donation in support of the humanitarian response to the war in Ukraine, be sure to donate through a reputable aid organization for maximum impact.

What Guests Said About Skadovsʼk:

  • 10
    Scored 10

    The beach and estuaries were great.

    The beach and estuaries were great. The dolphin aquarium is a must see. The cafe and resturant options are limited. The food was poor. It is an area where you are better cooking for yourself if you can.
  • 6.0
    Scored 6.0

    Skadovsk it's a small town. quite clean.

    Skadovsk it's a small town. quite clean. The beach sand is so,so. And the sea water looks more like a lagoon. No waves, you need to walk 800 meters at last for a swim and the bottom is full of sea plants. Good for small kids since water is still and only 30 to 50 cm deep.
  • 10
    Scored 10

    The Beaches in Skadovsk ar good and clean.

    The Beaches in Skadovsk ar good and clean. It is a good atmosphere - and a lot activities for Children. There is a Museum and a Dolphinarium. There are excursions to an Island. There are some restaurants - with very good dishes.

Explore guest reviews of hotels in Skadovsʼk

  • 9.4
    Scored 9.4
    Rated wonderful
     · 30 reviews
    the thing putstanding about this place was the girl working the reception, spoke english and did alit ti help us! breakfast could be purchased my review is based in the fact that its alow qulity hotel, bare that in mind, no extra luxury but functional, with balconies, big rooms, all you need, fridge, wifi ecc, but all a bit old
  • 8.5
    Scored 8.5
    Very Good
    Rated very good
     · 80 reviews
    Well... I sort of knew where I was travelling to. So I would say everything met my expectations, no nice surprises. Skadovsk is overall not the best place to visit. It could be but nobody is making any effort to make this resort look like a resort. Hotel itself is very average. More or less like Skadovsk itself.
  • 8.4
    Scored 8.4
    Very Good
    Rated very good
     · 55 reviews
    We rented an upper floor and the sunset views were just perfect. We have stayed at this hotel several times and will certainly be coming back on out next trip to Skadovs’k.
    United States of America