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There is currently an increased risk to customers’ safety in this location. To make an informed decision about your stay, review travel guidelines for this area provided by your government. Reservations should be made using the platform only where you intend to visit and stay at the property. From Mar 1, 2022, your chosen cancellation policy will apply. We recommend booking a free cancellation option in case your travel plans change. To make a donation in support of the humanitarian response to the war in Ukraine, be sure to donate through a reputable aid organization for maximum impact.

What Guests Said About Zaliznyy Port:

  • 6.0
    Scored 6.0

    Nice beach town with decent water and moderate costs.

    Nice beach town with decent water and moderate costs. Good for a short, local, getaway (in our case, an all too short honeymoon). Some good experiences and some bad experiences. The pandemic has brought out the worst in some. Stay away from Flamingo Hotel. Bumerang is very good at moderate cost. See my reviews on google maps for more insights on another property, restaurants, and clubs. If I take another beach vacation in Ukraine, it is on the list. But I am more likely to go to another country. I'm not a big fan of Ukrainian DJs and the ones here are worse than average.
    United States of America

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  • 9.6
    Scored 9.6
    Rated exceptional
     · 59 reviews
    The owners of this hotel have clearly gone travelling and have a real education in hospitality management. Every step, from our arrival to departure, was enjoyable and well coordinated. Definitely will be returning to this hotel on our next trip to the beach. They keep their part of the beach clean and well managed. Thank you very much for the great trip.
  • 9.6
    Scored 9.6
    Rated exceptional
     · 32 reviews
    After my disastrous experience at Flamingo, it was great to find an honest hotel in a good location. The on-site Cafe is especially nice. Parking was not a problem.
    Robert Monical
  • 8.4
    Scored 8.4
    Very Good
    Rated very good
     · 68 reviews
    This hotel is awesome value for money. We got exactly what we expected, and location is awesome - directly on the seashore and not far away from an aquapark.