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Veiled under picturesque parkland, this Baltic state is somewhere worth getting lost in. Latvia’s unspoilt coastline stretches over 500 km and is sprinkled with soft, sandy beaches. Its cosmopolitan capital Riga holds more than 800 years of history within its cobblestoned Old Town. It's this ancient core of Riga which is most enticing to explore. Home to an abundance of architectural gems including medieval-era craftsmen and artist houses. Head to St. Peter’s Church tower and you’ll enjoy a stunning view of the city from 72 metres high. The streets are also lined with art galleries, heritage museums and a number of bars which burst into life as night descends on the narrow lanes. Latvia’s characterful coast is surprisingly diverse, with sand dunes, steep cliffs and stunning rock formations lining the shores. Beautifully desolate Cape Kolka sits within Slitere National Park; as well as having a wonderful beach, it’s the only spot in Latvia where you can watch the sun rise and set into the horizon over the Baltic Sea. From Old Town hotels set in former horse stables to beachfront resorts and rural country houses, Latvia has accommodation to suit all needs.

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