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Top destinations for Kiribati city trips

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Explore and find hotels in Kiribati

A patchwork of 33 tiny islets strung along a 3.5 million-km section of the central Pacific Ocean, Kiribati is one of the most incredible yet least visited places on Earth. It may be remote, but this is where you come if you want to experience a landscape and culture that have remained virtually untouched through human history. There are beaches. Lots of beaches. All backed by swaying palms, verdant jungle and turquoise lagoons. The largest atoll, Kiritimati, is better known as Christmas Island. Here you can go diving, bonefishing and surfing. But the main attraction, some 3,500 km away, is islet-formed South Tarawa, and its neighbouring atolls. These isles offer guided tours and scuba diving excursions in one of the most wreck-littered areas in the world, having been the site of a major WWII battle. Bunkers, pillboxes, tanks, ships and planes are all clearly visible under and above the water during low tide. Tarawa and the outer islands are also known for a deep-seated culture that involves traditional dancing and frequent celebrations. Further south, the Phoenix Island Marine Protected Area boasts more of the same idyllic landscapes, an unspoiled coral reef and hundreds of different bird species. Accommodation is limited in Kiribati, but there are some lodges and private apartments available to rent on Tarawa and Binoinano.