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Situated in the middle of Western Europe, Belgium combines magnificent countryside with a wealth of culture, comfort food and charming medieval towns. At the heart of everything is Brussels. Despite being the headquarters of the European Union, the city has retained its own unique culture. Awe-inspiring architecture includes the Grand Palace, Gothic town hall and Laeken Castle – the official residence of the Belgian royals. Bruges is one of the most popular cities to visit outside the capital. Most of its 14th-century architecture is still intact, giving you the sense you’ve somehow travelled back in time. Ghent is also rich in medieval monuments and is less busier than Bruges in the peak seasons. Antwerp, the Diamond Capital of the World, is also renowned for nightlife, fashion and art scene. Brussels caters for many of the EU’s bureaucrats, so while there are a number of lavish hotels available, prices may spike if there’s a big event going on. All of the major cities have a wide selection of accommodation including hostels, apartments and hotels.

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