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Spanning over one-eighth of the planet’s inhabited areas, Russia is a colossal country straddling Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. From the sunken hills of the Urals to the dense forests of Siberia and volcanic terrain of the Far East, its multifaceted landscapes are dotted with culture-rich cities and breathtaking natural sights. Russia’s long and intriguing history is the top draw for most visitors, and this is showcased beautifully in its main cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The former, Russia’s mammoth capital, is home to the iconic Red Square – take a stroll along its black cobblestones and soak up the far-reaching brick walls of the Kremlin, Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum. The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg offers a vast collection of treasures, ranging from Roman coins to prehistoric art. Both cities serve up delicious local dishes such piroshki (small pies with various fillings) or national delicacy caviar – best paired with a good vodka. For the intrepid traveller exploring Russia’s wild side, endless adventures await. A ride along the Trans-Siberian Railway is something on many a bucket list. The longest railway route in the world crosses seven time zones and lets you explore the dramatic scenery of Siberia. At the outer limits of the Far East, the acid lakes, volcanoes and Valley of the Geysers feature along the 1,250 km-long peninsula of Kamchatka. Russia’s accommodation choices are as wide as its geography, with hordes of hotels, hostels, apartments and guest houses scattered all over. For outdoor lovers, holiday camps (known as turbazy) and rural spas (sanatory) are also common.

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